Monday, January 31, 2011

With love from: London

My cross-atlantic pal from London has sent me a series of his mobile photos from a recent event (London bike show) he attented.  
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(About the photo above) The t-shirt I bought from stand which caused me to find the ice sculptures on the unrelated:
The bike in the t-shirt text is made of reflective paint btw ;)

**All photos+text below by Alastair, in London

-This bike was really interesting – they don’t have metal chains, instead they are rubber belts. No grease, rust or the suchlike. Most have one gear, there was one with two, but almost double the price :0 Switching gears is weird – you have to kick the cranks to switch up and down.

-Nice London Underground detail.
-Interesting clothing stands - the woman makes the items herself. She has been doing it for about two years. The saddle bags are quite nice:

-Bizarre auction/workshop stand.

-These little rods flash on and off.

-“Cleverest bike in the world”

-The kask helmets do look snazzy - a lot of people driving vespas around london have similar ones. I like the idea of not having to remember to bring your sunglasses and just flapping down the visor. Very space age. 

-The blue “Cycle Superhighways” - some bits are great, others just stop dead into a row of parked cars sans warning. 
-For me it was nice to see some more stylish bikes and clothing at this show. Although there was a lot of lycra and regular bikes, having more flair makes people want to ride. Kind of like tweed versus mucky hi-visability yellow vests. If people see it as not such a niche they will ride more. Personally it would be ace to have everyone riding in style like Thomas Stevens  What an Englishman!


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Many thanks Alastair =)
Ride on!

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