Wednesday, July 25, 2012

remix #1

Stronger than tequila 
Tequila should always be consumed in good company and music.
Parallel to the qualities that make a good tequila, are emotions of ardor and the essence of the following Mexican voices.

No tequila is stronger than the passionate voices of the Mexican women featured below. 

1. Madame Ur y sus hombres /Venada
2. Cecilia Toussaint /La tregua losimas
3. Ely Guerra /Quiéreme mucho
4. Chavela Vargas (en vivo) /Cuando vivas conmigo 
5. Santa Sabina (RIP Rita) /Distante instante
6. Lila Downs /Alcoba
7. Aurora y la academia /porque te vas
8. Julieta Venegas /Acariciame

I'm considering sharing more music mixes more often. Tequila is optional. 
What do you think?
xxo♥ la meligrosa


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