Monday, July 23, 2012

mucha música monday.

Here is short+sweet dose of the weekly set of mucha music monday, let's own this week.
Hope you enjoy as much as I did.
xxo♥ la meligrosa

Lemonade /Boys Noize +Erol Alkan 
Forget PBR's and wobbling fixie rookies trying to stop and balance in the bike lane. 
Women and lemonade is where is at.

Black Hills /Gardens +Villa 
Found this Californian band (Santa Barbara) via the BayBridged and had to share their short+sweet write up for those of us new to them:
Santa Barbara’s Gardens & Villa have only one EP available at the moment...  this is the quintet’s first official release. Each track has a refined confidence akin to a band knowing exactly how they want to sound on record; from the new wave sounds of opener “Black Hills” to the Talking Heads-ish bass line and melodic flutes in “Orange Blossom.”
The band’s been on the road much of the spring honing their live sound too, including festival appearances at Sasquatch!, High Sierra and Minnesota’s Rivers Edge.

Ma Bicyclette /Andrew Huang ft. Side Pony Nation 
*Hat tip to Xander, Toronto's 416Cyclestyle handsome father-bike-advocate.  

Love Unlimited /Fun Loving Criminals 
BMXs throughout New York +London. +some suits.

Mar el poder del mar /Delafe y las flores azules 
That accent Edspañol may make some of you feel tickleish in the knees, as sang in this melody.

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