Monday, July 30, 2012

Got it back! Three women recover their stolen bikes

It is often that we feel not so optimistic when we hear a friend or someone in the bicycle community has gotten their bike stolen, or that we think that chances are that you will not see it again.

Let's start the week right with these three awesome women and active advocates in the Bay Area bicycle community. They have recuperated their bikes with the power of social media, friends +the community, looking out for stolen bikes being sold and NOT giving up as Adrienne did, confronting the thief.

Below are the links to each of the posts. Jenny's took place this weekend in Emeryville/East Bay. Ayuchi's and Adrienne's happened earlier in July, here in SF.


JULY 29: Jenny gets her stolen bike (IBIS) back
Combine the Bay Area cycling community +social media = the black IBIS is back
Read her post here: My Stolen Bike Was Found With Your Help, Thank You My Fellow Cyclists!
T/H the twitteratti
Screen shot 2012-07-26 at 11.35.37 AM
image via plattyjo on Flickr

JULY 3: Adrienne shows the bike thief who is boss 
Declan's bike is still missing, stolen earlier in : Give it back! but Adrienne did not get her older son go with empty hands after realizing his bike had been stolen in the Civic Center area here in SF.
If you haven't her excellent narrative already, check it out here: Foiled! 

image via cylrab

MAY 23rd: Ayuchi finds her bicycle 
Ayuchi's bike was stolen in the Mission (am I correct?) and with multiple posts in FB, help from friends/craigslist/SFpolice she has it back. So glad to hear that Ayuchi!
"I found this pic on the SF police webiste; stolen bike recovering project need to check if it's really mine!! I have been waiting call back from them :)"
fotos from Ayuchi/Anna's FB

/Other stolen-bike helpful links +recent published articles:


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