Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Weekend roundup.

How is it the end of July??! Let's not focus on that, and do a quick photo-recap of the weekend just for kicks.
The climate here in the Bay Area is like having an emotional fight with the weather. I tell you, you can find yourself in San José with enjoying the 85° weather and strappy-strap tank tops, then you can be in the city, and love the 55° foggy evening. Love it, so nice.
bay kayakers
Went to a hippie picnic out in Tomales Bay.
you girls are trouble
Went to an Oakland A's game with my gorgeous mamasita girlfriends and Miguel.
Dugout guy said we girls are trouble. Maybe it was an ugly undercover of Brad Pitt? (reference)
fog machine was temporarily off
Went the longer way home and took BART. This is downtown. The fog machine was temprarily off.
Went wanderlusting and found myself riding a MUNI bus. Not sure how that happened, but I enjoyed it.
Got lots of books to read and many serious friends to make here.
Lots of foggie Frenchie trolling adventures, as usual.
Golden Gate Bridge, peaking out of the foggy distance.


  1. i enjoyed this and your lovely sense of humor, especially the kind of humor you need on muni :). nice round up!

  2. I love the shot of the road through the Presidio leading to the GG Bridge in the distance. It could be uphill and would still beckon me to head out on my bike. Your late night shots throughout the City reflect perfectly my mood when I'm there; the ebb and flow of nightlife excitement amidst lonely castaway backdrops, with two wheels providing all the needed sanctuary and escape. Well done. Please keep 'em coming :)...Joe

  3. he heee :D thanks Sigrid!

    Joe/ why many thanks! great words, sanctuary + escape. I'm into it.


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