Friday, July 30, 2010

♥Gracias Cool Jenny!

My pretty lady based out of Hong Kong: Cool Jenny.
She wrote a post about this crazy San Francisco troll on wheels. Muchas thanks too, for mentioning my girls and good friends +our story collab blog cylrab.
Wholelottta gurl power there.
Doing this post is very sweet of you, I feel all special wheeeeeee :D

International love dose, I ♥hearts it! – here is the link:
Cool Jenny Handbags | Fashionista report |

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  1. Thanks Meli.
    U are getting famous, you know that? jejeje..
    CoolJennyHandbagz is going to sponsor you handbags, will email a big list of handbags photos for your selection. We'll send them to you by FEDEX prepaid.

    Stay in touch and Keep Riding Riding...

    Cool Jenny, xx


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