Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dynamic Duo week: Friends Lauren + Daniel

♥This week, I'll be posting a small collection I have of fantastic pairs spotted while riding San Francisco's bike lanes. Enjoy!
super cute pair
by Lauren
"Solo rides are nice but biking with a buddy is more fun. Somehow a flat tire seems less annoying when you have a buddy plopped down on the pavement next to you while you fix it.

Biking is inherently social- life is more vibrant when you leave the confines of a metal box. The Danish architect/urbanist Jan Gehl says one of the most important benefits of biking is "if you see a pretty girl, you can easily jump off the bike and start kissing".

This is me and my friend Daniel. We became friends over our shared interest in riding in general and also bikes from Rivendell Bicycle Works in Walnut Creek. The bikes in the pic are both Rivendells- his former Atlantis and my bici is a Saluki borrowed from my VERY kind friend Emily. I can't believe she let that beauty out of her sight. Riding is an important component of alot of my friendships and I like riding with Daniel because suggests ambitious rides that help me push my boundaries. This picture is funny because believe it or not it was shot in the summer! San Francisco summers = don't forget your scarf!"

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