Friday, July 30, 2010

Good morning, hayes valley.

Get your early dose of visuals, caffeine and high cacti. +Happy Friday!
Wednesday morning
framed frenchie

Wednesday, July 28th
7:43 am PST
Temperature: about 57°
Hayes Valley
Octavia street was fairly quiet on Wednesday morning. I often time see the workers already working to make a smoother surface perhaps soon, on Linden st. but for some reason they were not there today. I see the beautiful Ashley and we talk about some mutual events we have done and other city happenings.
My brain is getting misfired signals from my bellylands, and I have to comply, so I head west on Hayes st. and Octavia to get a little snack to eat later that morning. There are dogs. Dogs are everywhere like 7-11s. You turn a corner, there is a dog party. You sit to read at a park, there are dogs. More dogs than roaming teenagers in this town, that is for sure.
Patricia's green smells pretty crisp and I can't tell if the grass was recently cut (looks well manicured to me) or if the fog is just teasing my senses. Mind you I have a 4x latte in hand and I can't quite concentrate past the smell of this morning love dose of blue bottle awesomeness.

I finish the coffee. Ride. Get a snack for later. Ride. Get more coffee.
Then eventually head to work. It is now 8:15am and the city is awake and alive, I'm still working on it.
not much going on at 7:50am
TGIF. Have a super fun one!
luv +besos xxo.m


  1. When are you going to spotlight you and your other half?

  2. Cute outfit, for sure! Meli, I just love your photos. And I'm all about those early morning bike rides when the city is still waking up - my favorites. Happy Friday! S.

  3. donald, simply bike / oh thank you!! :D

    anonymous/ the frenchie is my other half

  4. A very poetic way to begin the day.

  5. Great photos and your outfit is beyond cute! Sounds like you had a great morning :)

    xo Mary Jo

  6. i hope you stopped in at Miette and got a cupacake or macaroon!! I work there! :)

    Love bike watching on my break!!


  7. karen/ :D yes!

    maryJo/ think im the only 20+ that does LOVE early mornings. xxox

    cycle2ts/ i doubt that you are at work at 750am, but next time im around there i will! :D


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