Saturday, August 31, 2013

[Chicago] Woman gets dragged by passenger in moving SUV

Saw this article linked tonight via Urban Velo [CHICAGO] “Woman gets dragged by passenger in moving SUV …Police have classified the incident as a hit-and-run”

There are a lot of things that anger me as a woman, and as someone who has always lived in city environments. The 'quietest' city I've lived in is downtown Oakland (not because is quiet, but because everything was closed before 4PM) and been exposed to the constant flow of urban environments. This particular article was extremely disturbing to read knowing the powerless feeling and safety concerns. I am so glad she is OK.

A few years ago I was spanked while on my bike while riding on South Van Ness/13th intersection it was around 1030PM and it was pretty quiet out, so I thought it'd be safer to ride near more traffic (there was almost no one out) this happened right as I was riding under the freeway which is pretty damn dark as is, and it becomes pitch black when you are in complete anger/fear shock. It is the worst feeling of  POWERLESSNESS. For safety, I had to sprint-pedal to get away from the situation.

Don't these attacking scumbags have mothers, sisters, or significant women in their families? I hope they catch them and make them accountable for these random acts of violence. Spread the word if you are around the Chicago/Logan Square area:
Avid Cyclist Grabbed, Dragged by Man in Passing SUV Erica Demarest | By Erica Demarest on DNAinfo Chicago


  1. I often wonder the same thing with respect to violence against women, which can come in many forms. Several years ago, I publically shamed a clerk at a dry cleaner for the wearing a t-shirt to work depicting women in a violent and extremely sexually graphic emblazened on the front. I don't take offense easily. I normally just keep my offense to myself but in this case there were two elderly people were in front of me in line. I chewed him out when it was my turn, and told him "I know your Granny wouldn't approve of that shirt." Yes, I felt like a currmudgen for bitching about a t-shirt but I as a woman I was glad that I didn't just the endorsement of sexual violence against women.

  2. I wonder if there has been any news about finding the a**holes that did this to her?

    I hope they find these guys.


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