Wednesday, September 4, 2013

PDX | no.1

I was in Portland for 3 days in late August for one of my good college friend's wedding.
He is now married to an Oregonian.
Instead of doing one Portland blog post, I'll share some short dispatches of moments y fotos.
Hope you enjoy them.
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No.1 Books
As I ended the phone call, I stood right in front of Cameron's books.
A book store can possibly be accurately described as a bedroom; it's personal, you can easily get lost and your mind travels.

cameron's books
cameron's books

I found Adrienne at Powell's without looking for her for too long after realizing she told me in our phone call she would be in the red room, and not in her bed room.

I suppose I have no troubles finding people.
Mazes, elimination process.
I like those challenges. I don't like them.
I love them.
Math, riddles, translation.

Not luck but rather, an eye color map being built as you walk.
His sweater matches that wall.
That lady sounds like the mall.
And a dash of an accurate sense of direction, that doesn't always work, and that is just how it works.

Before exiting, I decided to purchase two items that I wouldn't find in any other bookstore. A tote designed by a local Portland artist and a navy blue patch with golden letters on it.
The woman ringing me out had a bright red 80s sweatshirt with oversized sleeves and a peculiar flower-like pattern on it. Her resplendent Caribbean skin, the softest accent and that nice smile took me back to a hot summer night I had once imagined in a novel.

It had just stopped raining outside.
Her femininity radiation was the highest I've absorbed in quite some time and in a matter of seconds my feet had walked me almost magically outside.

sabes ke
And we were on our way to drink coffee across the street at the Maglia Rosa coffee cart, inside West End Bikes.

Sequence of events are in no particular order.

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