Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wednesdays of Who Wore What: SF Bike Party (January) edition

Who wore what is a weekly series. And if you have any submissions, questions and of course fotos, feel free to share. All fotos taken in San Francisco.  
This is not necessarily about being chic or into fashionable things or trends, but if you want, it can be.
It is about being yourself, what works for you and what makes you comfortable, confident and happy to ride your bike!
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SF Bike Party (January) edition
And you thought I had forgotten?! Last week I did, after posting the sum post for the SF Bike Party #1 and to compliment that, here is the Who Wore What edition.
robert y emily
Rob y Emily, and Denyse with high-watt smile in the background! =)
Why this works: It's an adorable bikey couple on a tandem, say no more ♥!!
Where: This is on 8th Ave., in the Inner Richmond.

+ + WHEELMEN + +
Why this works: Jeromy is like color theory on wheels. Orange and Blue are color complements which are colors placed exactly opposite on the color wheel. A+ in color bike theory!
Where: Somewhere along the Embarcadero.

Why this works: Simple, wear the clothes you wear. Let's go.
Where: On Polk st.

crouching tiger. broken finger
Why this works: Bradley has uncorporated a blinkie light into his hand. It also shoots lasers at bad tea cups and zaps them with it. I don't think Bradley's doc reads my blog, so he won't find out about such innovation... At least he is warm with that wool top and the fancy catlike bubblish helmet.
Where: Alta park in Pac Heights.

Why this works: Phillip's always fresh. His white jacket was visible even in the darkest streets. Matching tires a coincidence -- don't think so. What's with the teal skull scarf? It's RAD, that's what.
Where: Laurel Heights.

dynamic duo
Why this works: This dynamic duo was all smiles. It is the best accesory and it never fails. Such sweet guys, it was great meeting you both! =)
Where: Embarcadero.

Why this works: (L)Duby's gray coat is beyond futuristic. He is ready for all occasions. (R)Nio and his cargo cami pants, is able to pull his phone at any second needed.
Where: Ballpark

will y lady friend
Why this works: Will and his lady friend are layered up and ready to bike the distance. Gloves are a must, shoulder/messenger bags and comfy sneakers. Let's ride!
Where: Fisherman's wharf.

green greñas party
Why this works: Without a long-term hair commitment, green dreadlocks are the next hot trend. You seen it here first. And do you see la calitexican's gloves. oh la la.
Where: Ballpark

Why this works: Did someone say style?! LMG always looks smashing. I LOVE that skirt =)))
Where: Embarcadero.

le machine
Why this works: Thick sweater, white cat (Cloud!) beanie and cozy gloves. The biking le machine is here! and KT's dark red boots go with everything.
Where: Ballpark.

Why this works: (Posing with Woody's bike) KLaw's coat is a fun color mix and very cozy for the weather (that night was in the low 40F°s) which seem to have dropped lower as the night progressed. Bright as hell pink Chrome bag, check. Cowboy boots, check. +Thanks for keeping me company when the flat sensation invited themselves to the party. Love ya mamaz!
Where: Ballpark.

chloe y sacha
Why this works: There is no better way than to attend events with a good friend. The pretty ladies, Chloe y Sacha are attached at the hip or at the fenders, rather. Layered up with jackets, a scarf, party accesories and ready to keep partying on .
Where: Sacramento st.

Why this works: No streak of wind is going past these lovely women, they get the best duo-smile!
Does anyone know their names? I didn't catch theirs, as the light turn green. Tell them they are fabulous.
Where: Sacramento at Divisadero.
**Update: Jean + Jack (thanks Margot!)


  1. The duo with winning smiles are Jean and Jack.

  2. Hey doll!

    Just moved to the Mission (which if I remember correctly is your 'hood!) and moved blogs too to One of these days I need to ride my lavender machine over from the Marina where I forgot it in my old garage and we can go out for a spin!

    Hope all is well!


  3. thanks margot! =)

    rachelE/ hey gorgeouzzz, great to hear from you!! =)
    how are the bunnies!? ill update the URL +yes, let's ride soon!!

    and actually no, I live far from the mission... I like hills and I dont like burritos LOL

  4. Merci beaucoup! Cloud rocks the hat! F*ck yeah! 4 days til baseball season!

  5. Cool bunch of people!! Hey what's Phillip's bike, that frame looks ace! xoxo

  6. Thanks, for snapping a good picture of us :-)

  7. San Fran and its bike parties and stylish bicyclists! Putting the pressure on Portland. :)

  8. Love it! Was f-f-f-freeezing but so fun! Great photos Meli + your outfit that night (and all the time) was poppin'! Love you too mamaz! oxox

  9. So so fun! Hoping you had a smashing valentine's day and got my little package to keep you warm!

    xoxo Mary Jo

  10. Awesome lineup! This is why I want to be a cyclist in SF! To be surrounded be awesome and gorgeous fellow cyclists :)


  11. Good Post! Very informative, glad that you are going to continue writing things like this!

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  12. burrrr looks like a COLD night riding!

  13. Very informative! thanks for sharing ;)

  14. i can't wait to do this again!

  15. Nice shot guyzz... I want to be a part of this activities...woohh..sounds fun and exciting...

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  16. That sounds and seems so much of fun, it is always great to be a part of team like this, wish i could also join.

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  17. That looks so fun! I wish they did that here in Dallas! I just bought a really awesome bike at and I just haven't found any cool opportunities like this to ride in :(
    Hope you guys keep having fun! Looks great!


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