Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday women.

I had the chance to meet two wonderful women on wheels this past Saturday during the Oakland Taco Truck ride. (+post soon). It is always very inspiring to hear from other local women, riding their bicycles and sharing their story, their perspective and experiences from the bike lanes in the Bay Area.
It also touched my bikey heart when a woman that reads Change Your Life. Ride a Bike! talked to Ade about the collective blog that we are proudly part of, which is a collab by 4 women.
We are present and we are here to ride. Let's go my women, get on those bicycles!!!

♥ It has been a pleasure meeting you ladies!!

• • • Meet Dara: • • •
Meet Dara
Dara's lovely energy and gorgeous Mondonico bicycle kept us smiling throughout the Tour :D
She is a journalist.

• • • and meet Kendra: • • •

Photo from Kendra|GOB
She writes the out of the East Bay: Girl on Bike


  1. You look so cool and bad a%$ in that pic--I'd be intimidated to meet you if I didn't already know you! :)))

    xo Mary Jo

  2. I think there's a picture of you on Copenhagen Cycle Chic. And I think it's only fitting.

  3. mary jo/ omg!! im crackin up in a very sweet way. thanks mary jo. cant wait to meet up again :D

    anon./oh thanks for the headsup :D
    that photo by my friend Ade, so cool because that day ROCKEd. so much fun


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