Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hump Day Inspiration: Much love to San Francisco parks.

Because let's admit it, most action happens on the bike lane & eventually, we make it to the park to meet friends, eat our lunch, catch up on the weekend, walk a dog, spend some quality solo time or read a book, parks are there. And we are fortunate to have such lovely green open spaces throughout every neighborhood of our city.
Photo by ©Dusty Jensen

Photo by ©Dusty Jensen

Both above photographs taken last year by my awesome friend Dusty, in the Hayes Valley Playground park and open space for several artist to do their art installations (this time of year was a huge silver colored piece sign.
Can you believe this area right, carried tremendous traffic on a giannormous SF freeway?! that is, until the 1989 earthquake.
link resource: here

Crazy!! Park, tress, and random moments - much better :D
♥ Write A Love Letter To Your Park Today!
This February, Neighborhood Parks Council is asking San Franciscans to write a love letter to their favorite city park through our Love Letters to Parks campaign. -SF Neighborhood Park Council

To see webpage/details, go here:
And here is our infamous Alamo square, exactly one year ago – It was raining just as it is today.


  1. you look great!

    hopefully I'll be moving to SF by the end of the year and have this to look forward to!

  2. Ah, love those boots! And the top photo in dress--just amazing! Girl has style!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. Me encanta la Ășltima foto, vaya vista tan bonita de San Francisco


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