Saturday, February 27, 2010

One for the weekend. Ok, many.

Caffeinated duo.
Lots of coffee. As usual. This is at Matching Half. They use Santa Cruz's beans Verve. Good stuff. Bring a friend, make new ones. I love this spot.
Speaking of Santa Cruz, there is a tsunami alert due to the recent Chile earthquake. eeeeek


  1. The tsunami is even supposed to hit our shores this morning. My thoughts go out to the people in Chile.

  2. Gorgeous AND delicious! YES!! Be careful there with the tsunami alerts, scary stuff!!

  3. Delicious coffee, I might enjoy one myself.
    No comments regarding the tsunami...

  4. I'm inspired. Without further adoo, I'm going out to the gym and to the coffee store. Thanks!

  5. thanks everybody - viva coffee <3333 yummm


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