Saturday, February 27, 2010


Okay, Okay. I know I'm way overdue to update my blogroll, which is about 1+yr old, so bare with me. Way too much fun all the time ya know?! It is lovely coming across such cool blogs and give them a little space here to show off my recent finds, why not. The blogesphere has only brought me pretty positive experiences connecting with people with many similar interests, mainly bikes. It is almost like we ride a cyber bike lane and share pics while at it. Super!
Here are some of my recent finds. Enjoy-

• • •in the States • • •
San Francisco: c.walk.ride tumblr
We came in contact thru this picture, turns out he has a tattoo, about 6 months old, related to it. I love how photos and the internet connect people. Pretty sweet.

Bay Area | Skip Allums
Nice photos with very well written stories that sometimes go with them.

Southern California: San Diego County | Vélo-flâneur
I might have mentioned this before, but Estaban's view and also randonneurisms are super cool. he lives on the other end of the state but comes up to ride bikes and visit often to the bay area. Fellow coffee fanatic. Can't wait to ride with you and the randonneurs soon!

photo from his post: into the wild

Pennsylvania| Anything Fits a Naked Man
I like Joan's sense of humor and unfiltered approach to sharing her posts, spit on a pizza anyone?

New York: Brooklyn-based | for the love of bikes
The posts on this blog are very design oriented. and I like that. love their little logo too. cute.

Boston: Velouria | Lovely bicycle
I have been reading this blog for awhile but today I fell in love. She finds very poetic things around the web and her town.

Poka flower chainguard by sleepyneko

Massachusetts | AntBikeMike
Builder of bikes and all things awesome. Like glowing frames. Enough said.

Pacific northwest |Imaginary Bicycle
Emma's view on her bicycle, her kids and other sweet stuff, like flowers and baskets :D

by Emma J

• • •Around the world • • •
México: Guadalara | Rueda Libre
Cant wait to go back to Guadalajara. I could spend a few years there.

México: DF | BiciTekas
Inspirational. more to come on them soon.

Spain: España |
Bikes and fashion. Also from Spain, reader txell (from BarcelonaCycleChic) pointed me in that direction -thanks! Nice blog, im into it –Like the Spaniards say: ¡Enhorabuena! :D

España: San Sebastián | Fixed gear donostia

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  1. Hola Meli!
    De nada gracias a tí por tu blog :)
    Necesitamos muchas bicis con estilo :-)!
    Estel de

  2. Aww - thank you, Meligrosa! I came back from a weekend away (We biked into Portland - so fun!) and was just checking what I'd missed on your site. Thanks!


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