Monday, February 22, 2010

Wool and the City.

Meet Eric.

Friend of the bike, bloggy, coffee peeps. You might have seen him around the blog a few times, but for a gloomy Monday that we will have (Am I the 1% in SF that loves this weather?!) I feature his awesome collection of sweaters, I have taken these photographs between June last year and fairly recent. Thought I'd share this styling man on wheels. He also has a great collection of vintage steel bicycles, but that's a whole other big chapter.. :D
Ride on Eric!
flickerin off
On our way to Fairfax.
ya talkin to me?!
ya talkin to me?!
howya'doin?! - at Flora Grubb
- - -
Check out his blog at: Classic lightweight bikes & rides.
I also cross-posted today, a Sunday rainy ride from a few weeks ago over in the Collab blog of 4 women: Change Your Life. Ride A Bike!
Caffeination station.


  1. Excuse me Miss Melli,
    do you have a better pic of the gent's green and cream long sleeve one in the third pic down??? Just like the colours and can't see it properly.

    Lurve my few wool jerseys but it's far too hot down here, most of the year.

    love the blog, keep it up.
    in Sunny Brisbane, not the one just south of you, but way south, in Australia.

  2. wow awesome from the AU!!
    glad to have you by Mark :D
    here is another pic, hopefully more of stephen's sweater: link

  3. Wow I fill like I am my dad watching the arrival of the Tour de France. Great vintage flashback!

  4. drooderfiets/ aw thanks - it's always a pleasure to ride with eric. classy gentleman :D


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