Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Friday!!

To finish off the week packed with posts of women on wheels, here is one more set of the ladies from butterlap last Wednesday. Weather was fantastic, maybe low 50°s, clear skies with really misty magical fog goodiness towards the ocean.
Perfect way to unwind is to ride – TGIF ♥xo.meli

curves ahead. supppp
Best helmet cover
Meet Karen. and the best helmet cover - so cute she is.
am i cute or what
calitexican y lisa. this guy had the nerdiest cute t-shirt ever. boys are so silly.
butterlap fourtet
OH HAI – striking a buttery pose at the Legion of Honor. Photo by Matt :D


  1. Jeje qué fotos tan divertidas, en España aún es la hora de comer del viernes, no queda nada para el fin de semana.Saludos

  2. I just love these happy, cute pictures!! And I LOVE the hat!! So fun!

  3. What a great group photo! You guys don't need lights because you're glowing. Happy night and a crazy fur hat--what's better?

  4. You rock the hip-pouch very well, much like mi hermana:)

  5. joshylola/ asi es, el viernes es muy esperado por mi je jeee.

    joan/ aw thanks <3
    +isnt it the best - so cool!

    jra/ why thank you. it so super cool to roam with such fun crew

    ms.elle/ wallet, camera, lipstick - go
    <3 gracias love


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