Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Peet's is on

Got a tip just recently on a Peet's post that the $1 off your caffeinated drink, is still on (at the Peet's at the Ferry Bldg.) That, and of course the SFBC discounts, bring-your-owncup/mug discounts and if you know further coffee-bike related discounts please, sharing is caring. I'd love to know + share.
♥Thanks Anonymous!!
[Anonymous said... in regard to the $1 off deal- the swell manager at this peet's (a dapper gent named steve) has instated this discount.
All you need for the discount is to bring in your helmet, or point vaguely to what may well be your bike, unicycle, tricycle, what-have-you.
My insider information comes from my position as an employee of Peet's at the Ferry Bldg. so come on by!]


  1. Hopping on my unicycle right now! ;-)

  2. THAT-I'd love to see. I'm hoping lagerfeld shoes are included


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