Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rickshaw launch party

The PCQ_manifesto

Rickshaw Bagworks had an opening store launch party last Thursday. They've been around for about a year. Mark ‹former CEO of Timbuk2› gave a warm welcome and did a few raffles throughout the night. There are a number of local bag companies that I've been a fan of, throughout the years. It's always exciting to see new products and how a new company will develop in the years to come.
Their warehouse space in the Dogpatch district is pretty sweet, their passion and experience is present and the staff/designers I've chatted with seem eager and happy about their products. My best wishes for this new local company.
Thanks for the party, Rickshawnittes!!!


couch crashers

raffle time, again


Jeremiah gets some raffle love ♥ old rickshaw, new rickshaw

strike a pose

vs.goliath and the girls

oh hey

SF's finest TophOne hitting the beat sauce.


  1. aw, dont tell me I missed you!?! I rolled in a bit later I guess.
    thanks for sharing your set! is that you in the mirror? hot ;)

  2. Oh man, I didn't even know about this. I got my wife a Rickshaw bag and she absolutely LOVES it.

  3. I like the material they've chosen for their bags. The artwork they have displayed at the warehouse is really cool.

  4. Yep, that's me in the mirror. The photo of me with Jagermeister and ice block has been surpressed. I wasn't too keen on the second band so I hit the road pretty early.

  5. nice gath. love those bag.. how i wish we here in malaysia got that to..

  6. yokota/ really? very cool. I really enjoyed all their materials and many sizes.

    RatTrapPress/ Isn't it? they also have some orange material repurposed from some construction reflective site and also a festival poster. nice stuff

    Alison/ Next time;) I'd love to meet you.

    Riezal/ aw! yea that'd be nice. maybe you can ask for international shipping? ;)

  7. There's just something about rickshaws... (Rickshaw Stop anyone?)

    Anyways. It looks fun, and you got some great photos. :)

  8. ♥ thanks satsuma!
    yes! love the rickshaws in there, (and the flying bikes) Always fun to sit and sip.
    This year's LoveOnWheels will be there, once again!


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