Saturday, December 27, 2008

Before the year ends

I wanted to post some pictures I quite forgot about.
This below, is at the ferry bldg. Local bicycle company sycip makes beautiful handcrafted goodies. I've never bought anything at this Boccalone shop, but always wanted to take that attractive lovely bike of theirs for delivery joy ride. Someday...

Empty space on 3rd. Future coffee stand?..


  1. cool bike.. love the color..oh yaa and not to forget the model which is standing beside the bike.. :)

  2. Delivery bike reminds me of What's Up Doc movie with Barbra Striesand and Ryan ONeal.
    Hope you enjoyed the holiday season and Happy New Year!

  3. riezal/ ;D

    She'sDressingUp/ yeah I luvvit! thanks for stopping by

    Fifi/ good call! thanks, season greetings and cheers to a lovely 2009-xo


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