Saturday, August 25, 2012

Party monster turns 31

Macaulay Culkin 
Born August 26, 1980 (Age 31)
New York City, NY

-Above image, via the site: thisrecording

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  1. who's the girl in the 1st 2 pics? looks like leslie hillard. her older brothers worked at dale's schwinn in santa rosa and had the 1st paramount (all campagnolo) i'd ever seen in the early 60's. man, you are stirring some memories...

  2. That's MY GIRL, Anna Chlumsky. Unlike Caulkin, she's still using her talent for good on a hilarious political satire on Showtime called Veep. You should watch it. ;-)

  3. i had no idea him+mila kunis dated up until recently.. oh celebrities+hollywood is quite the bizarro world


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