Monday, August 20, 2012

mucha música Monday: amorcito

A eme O
Andre Echeverri, 2005

Andrea Echeverri is the beautiful being behind the iconic Rock en Español band Aterciopelados.

This woman represents poetry, peace, music, empowerment, feminism, and a tremendous advocacy to embrace inner beauty. Her unique voice and the straight up messages in most of the songs are statements that are as strong as the multiple colorful layers of their sounds, and representing music like a punk chameleon with a cotton candy mohawk waving a peace flag.

"A eme O" is an intimate lullaby dedicated to her daughter. The song was written throughout her pregnancy after she learned she was expecting, while still on tour in the early 2000's. It also describes her experiencing a re-birth of her own self as a better person and lover.

The lyrics are moving poetry, the video is a beautiful way to start the week and to celebrate the inner tubes and veins that we all once navigated within the mothers that brought us into this world, to become navigators on our own.

And because I love languages, magic rhyme gets lost in translation however, here is an English version más o menos:

When you were born I became a better lover
As if you had unplugged my drains 
My breasts have grown, belly and hips 
My expanded body found its motivation 

You circulated throughout me and made me a divine road 
You opened a tunnel, uncovered my destiny 
A breath of creation, you are energy, sun light 
and have perfectly spelled: little LOVE 

Since you were born I feel a fire inside, as if you had lit a match 
My body is now vain exempt 
My brave body released its own relative 

- - -

/ amorcito = love + ito (a sweet diminutive suffix)


  1. I swear I had a dream about her just the other night. She's amazing

  2. Agree!! She is amazing, and that is a great song. I love how she (and Aterciopelados) are so successful and simultaneously have managed (at least, it seems on the outside) to stay true to themselves.

  3. so nice to hear it form the ladies <333


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