Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Time for another dose of cyberchisme, your fave bloggie gossip.

Local grilled cheese joint gets tons of cash
American Grilled Cheese in San Francisco (South Park, South of Market) wins a $250K for their local impact, one of 12 business in the US. More than 3 billion voters voted.
Bread is local. Cheese comes from Marin. No secret we are foodies here.

My favorite is their cheese puns on the chalkboard. If you haven't been, it's a must.
Congrats! Read more here, via marketwatch: Chase and LivingSocial Award 12 Small Businesses
*PS their drip coffee rocks.

/American Grilled chese: previously posted here on October, 2010: Hello, cheesy

Bay Area's Little league team
Petaluma is about 40 miles north of San Francisco and its little league team continues to be hot right now and underway to the Little League series, beating Connecticut last night.
Go sports! sfgate: Petaluma boys advance in World Series //

/Photo via

Coffee is the new wine
It's like siblings, please stop comparing them to one another.
Anywas, interesting read. Tip/Hat to a few emails I received about this, including Alex.

The rest of the article here via NPR Food Blog:
Coffee Is The New Wine. Here's How You Taste It

From NYC to Little Rock, AK 
Julie moves towns, and is already bike roaming looking sharp as always.
Read her adventures here: 
My bike park near Lincoln Center

From NYC to San Francisco 
The vibrant Malaika visited the city in under 24hours and of course meets the SF local amigas (Calitexican, KT +myself) for a beer, alongside one of her friends! She is a Californian living in NYC, she bikes everywhere there.
Below, she poses with Calitexican's new pimp ride, the shedevil. Was rad to meet you IRL xxom

Jenny Oh and stolen bike awareness 
She has had a bike and a wheelset stolen this month, so she has done a ton of detective work and social media exposure. Also she recently posted this pretty cool story which has been making the blog rounds: Rescued in Portland: A Stolen De Rosa Bicycle Has Been Found After 6 Years!
Make sure to check her twitter feed often and she has also created a stolen bike group on flickr:

Four Barrel coffee turns four
Delicious. I love you. Congrats.

Also via missionmission: 
"To celebrate four years of serving the coffee-drinking denizens of San Francisco, Four Barrel will be throwing our annual birthday bash on Wednesday, August 22nd, from 7am to 4pm. As we do every year, we will be giving away free coffee and espresso drinks all day long. And yes: the drinks are 100% free, no joke."  Read more here: Four Barrel's fourth birthday


  1. JAJA, just noticing the "San Pancho"

  2. Aw, thanks for shouting me and Malaika out in one post. We miss each other! I'm happy you met her IRL too!

    Your blog's graphic design game is getting out of control! Looks RAD! xoxox

    1. <3 thx glad to hear mi designs gettin some luv ;)) and yes malaika+you <3 very cool

  3. love coming here. Always a great place to reconnect with the real world which can be drowned out with all the useless noise. Thanks again!

    1. hey andy, nice to hear from you as always +thx for stopping by, the oakland sun is visiting SF today :) xxo

  4. Hey, I made it to the blog! This secures my place as a bi-coastal bike blog groupie, right? I had so much fun hanging with with you ladies. Thanks for showing me what's hot in the streets of SF. Still waiting for you guys to come on over to NYC.


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