Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I kissed a bike, and I liked it.

1 katy perry rides a bike 2 katy perry rides a bike

Katy Perry loves riding bikes.
A friend sent over the recent set of fotos posted by of Katy riding in Venice beach in Los Angeles, a part of Los Angeles that has been a pleasant destination at least once a year, or so.

3 katy perry rides a bike

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This fellow Californian has been spotted before with now former husband Brand all over the country.
New York:
4 katy perry rides a bike 5 katy perry rides a bike
6 katy perry rides a bike

And these last two I found via Katy Perry ride a bicycle,
part of Richard's ongoing celebrity riding bikes series.
7 katy perry rides a bike 8 katy perry rides a bike

On the flip side, I guess it is nice to see those paparazzi promoting the use of bicycles, Hollywood style.

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*(top to bottom) photos from star-gossip sites found +credited accordingly -- via google: 
[1][2][3] OnCelebrity venice / [4] via /  
[5] info included within image: KATY PERRY und RUSSELL BRAND 
July 25, 2010 in New York City (Photo by GQjai / Meet The Famous) via WhyFame 
[6] Zimbio Nov.10, 2010 / [7][8] Starpulse via

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