Friday, August 17, 2012

Caffeinated tourists and a poster goes to Chicago

Visiting SF, caffeinated.
A San Francisco poster lives in Chicago

Thanks to these two gorgeous ladies for these graceful posts. So kind of you both.
Also, the film photographs taken by Dottie are beyond beautiful!
// Good eats and great coffee in San Francsico by SimplyBike  
// Bikes and the city print by Dottie of Let's Go Ride a Bike
- - -
much love, xxom.


  1. Hey lady,

    thank YOU for the awesome tips on where to get great coffee and food in SF! And I really want to get my hands on a poster of yours, they're gorgeous!


  2. Meli, I read yours and Dottie's blog all the time and it was her post of your poster that prompted me to purchase one for myself. Sadly, it's still rolled up in the tube because I haven't yet had the time to get it framed and hung up (darn school getting in the way of everything), but it's on my to-do list as soon as the term ends next week. I can't wait! Many many thanks to all the lovely ladies linked together by the interwebs who continually inspire me to keep riding and make the world pretty just like they do :)

    1. aw thx ms. moody, so nice of you. often life+many other things happen :) do keep me posted
      super love receiving fotos of where the posters+snail mail have landed
      good luck on your soon to be term-accomplishment! xxom


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