Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Phono del Sol 2013

Got to check out Phono del Sol a little over two weeks ago.
My two girlfriends got there a bit before I did so they got to see a couple more bands.
I was interested in checking out local darling band Thee Oh Sees for the 3rd time, and Bleached for the first – which I randomly found on the internets a few months ago and was curious to see them live.
Only got to see the last 2 songs by Bleached and they were pretty good. I liked these Angelenas and I hope they play again and come back to the city at some point.
Bleached / at Phono del Sol
Bleached at Phono del Sol.
Bleached / at Phono del Sol
Bleached at Phono del Sol.

Then, Thee Oh Sees were awesome.
Their energy is super vibrant, and you couldn't ask for a better sunny Saturday, british-sounding beats (reminds me oh so very closely of the epic The Fall) y skater kids in the background, sweaty teenagers crowdsurfng and a non-stop-all-ages-mini-moshpit, which during the band's last set they said 'everyone just come up here' and the stage was immediately flash-flooded [band's view]

Only foto I took of them is the one atop.
I also took a video for once. This is dedicated to my friend Adrienne, who says that you know it is a good live music time once you find the Trippy Dancer.
and then we sure found him:


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