Sunday, July 28, 2013

words y thoughts: taking it tranquilo

short post on current pace de la vida
I have made a small effort to not be online that frequently, to not read (every) set of rss visual overload because, boy do I know and love reading a myriad of them. In all honesty I enjoy being overly curious and knowing off the top-of-my-head often useless facts – like say, which year Buddy Holly died, JFK was shot, Fidel went into power and the year Psycho was first released. (1960s recent history affinity, can you tell?…)

I love it.
And to be honest, I have also learnt that it is equally important to learn a habit, a routine - to dim the lights, be computer AND device-free, say after 10PM and really nourish, embrace and quietly dedicate a personal time to the closure of each day. It is not about age, not about genexers or millennials – it is acknowledging once you are purely running on fumes, whatever that means to each of us, and act upon it. Sometimes it takes years, a person, or a change of appearance (hello under-eye bags) to really come face to face with yourself and own the first step in order for you to do something about it.

Oakland, 11/10th st. May 8th, 2013
On Broadway, Oakland.

I've found pure enjoyment in hearing friends and even my mom, describe to me what they thought I would love to hear about. Or to see them be surprised that I haven't heard about a particular something or seen a video which shows a particular mutual interest (typically sports> typography> or local flavor)

How amazing is that?
Not only do you (I) enjoy the company, the conversation – but LOVE that face to face time, describing in each other own words, something that you could have easily scrolled through on whichever size monitor or screen and re-shared as easily as forgetting about it. Without much of an interaction and reaction thread or vocal conversation to it.

You know who you are.
And I know that you know people, friends like that as well.
Athletics, Warriors, pixels, coffee, design, ice cream, babies, weddings, divorces, espanglish, upcoming concerts, finance, code.

Don't let those opportunities pass by. Make the time for those moments.
Even if our schedule is tight or seems difficult to arrange the time to do so.

In my case and with some of my friends and relatives, it has taken me some years even, after life changing cycles to slowly come out of my shell again. Without a rush, but without forgetting about it either. Some months have also passed to even reply to some messages and phone calls. I've missed a lot without feeling that I have missed out, at all.
The attempt and the intention is there to get together, once again, when the time is right.

Where the wild things are
Lower Haight, San Francisco.

And once you do when it's meant to be, what a beauty in human social behavior to forget how long it has really been and to pick right up where you left off.

Have you recently made small scale or big time changes in your everyday life that have impacted you? I'd like to hear about it and how it has affected you for the better (or worse)…



  1. Wow. An outstanding post. With so many things I want to say about this, I'm kind of paralyzed re: "where to start" / jump in.

    But generally / globally... Yeah. I feel ya here. 100% feel ya, my friend.

    AND, I have always considered / looked to you as one who manages a real life / www life balance elegantly & gracefully.

  2. Love this. Never underestimate the power and healing of one on one human interaction. With love,Casey.


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