Saturday, February 28, 2009

Critical boys

Seeing double chones

Market st.

Broadway tunnel

& my favorite, live long and prosper.


  1. Ha, these photos of critical girls and boys are just great and so full of life. Love!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. Chones! I thought that was just a slang word here in Texas.

  3. you could never get away with riding in speedos in February in Toronto.

    not unless you plan on selling Ballsicles... ( its -24 degrees today)

    however Chiara dared me..


  4. sanSmith/ yes :)

    maryJo/ thanks so much! yeah the energy was super

    ratTrapPress/ haaa! underpants lingo goes texifornia!

    chairaKael/ OMG ballsicles... 2funny :D

  5. heeehee, "chone chones" is truly calitexican!

    i'm the chica who was w/ kirk's kusin (14 times removed). hope to see you riding around soon! :)

  6. awesome!!! so happy to hear from you ;) yes Im sure we'll see us on around
    -&when you do yell CHONES!... haaa! JK/

  7. Hey wait.. I think I know that kid in the first picture!!

  8. By the way, I'm in WA state, and you're in California-- which is why it's amazing to see a crazy awesome kid I knew from college.

    {head spin}

  9. No, wait-- I know BOTH those kids!!

    Ah, those are some good boys there. Real good people.


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