Friday, February 20, 2009

Nite riders

Wednesday was my 1st butter ride this year. I was happy I had the chance to make it +remembered to bring the camera. I plan to do it more than last year, way more. Decided to bomb some hills & show the smurfette some love, I forget how smooth it is. It is a pretty fast bike, with a very slow rider (and perfectly fine &happy with that...) As always great vibe, happy bikers & a nice crisp 40°weather.

la hot bianchi-

:) Blurry me /Brake time. whiteish lights in the background=golden gate bridge

Panhandle brake

Bender's, fries, beer etc etc


  1. Nice. I've heard about this and have been wanting to join. 6PM at the Ferry Building, right? How fast do they ride? And how many people?

  2. Meli, loved the Posts de Mexico, esta bien! Thanks for adding me to the muy nice blog list, muchas gracias! Enjoy the weather!

  3. MPH/ 7pm so more people can make it. fast? not so, if I can keep up, anyone can keep up. how many, varies.

    cyclingTeacherGuy/ muchas gracias! :)

  4. ah, i remember benders. cool bar

    dime, quien es la bella muchacha con la torpado? ;)

  5. awesome-when are u visiting again eh?!
    that torpado was long-due :D ♥thanks


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