Monday, June 2, 2014

mucha música Monday: June.

June has arrived, and so has some música.
More to come, and more frequently to share with you through the second half of the year – I hope :)

To celebrate this month's quick arrival, let's start with June Carter. y Johnny Cash. Good bye is all she wrote.
× Johnny Cash & June Carter: Jackson
Johnny Cash & June Carter singing Jackson at the Ralph Emery Show. This is from 1967.

× Los Amigos Invisibles: Stay
Their new album recently dropped, which I have yet to listen to in full. They are playing at the New Parish (Oakland) on June 13th. They're a pretty fun band to see live, if you have the chance to.

× Lykke Li: No rest for the wicked
Super into the lyrics. Hearts are breakeable. Music will be made.

× The Mantles: Hello
Found this band via a slumberland records post on the BayBridged
›› San Francisco/Oakland's The Mantles have been charting a unique path through the Bay Area's storied garage/pop scene since 2007.

× charliefoxtrotny: Tell the world anything
this isn't music per se, but it is human melodies in the forms of words - I dig them.
There are approx. 4 of them in their  youtube channel.

From the Illini dispatches:
My pal Tim is always sending me awesome notes, and earlier this year he shared these two fun songs:
× Phish: Fee
Millie – but the lyrics here sound like MELI (!!) and coffee, and cats … too cool :)

× Balkan Beat Box: Hermetico

I've signed on to Spotify and Rdio, but so far I really like and prefer the Soundcloud mobile app, works for me and mi curious journeys. There are also a ton of archived talks/interviews and smaller indie bands w/their music uploads to just listen without much fuss, which I really like.
It still mostly use CDs and listen to local AM/FM, and a portable radio which I always have with me.
Yes that is true.
What app or site for streaming music are you currently into?


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