Monday, June 2, 2014

fotos while walking: march y april

In the month of May, I've walked the most this year - so far. I'm not sure that I am the right person to really get into a gadget for pace/distance counting purposes, but I have really enjoyed walking as a personal time for meditation and inspiration.

Often times I have quick chats with flowers. Somehow I always come across crows. There is often writing and random notes I spot. As someone who has almost-entirely and exclusively used a bicycle primarily over the last decade, as of three years ago I have committed myself and prefer walking. It is one of my favorite things to do. walk. and walk.

Here are some pictures and short descriptions from around March and April, in no particular order  :)
Have a nice day and thanks for reading.

klay klay
This is near the sharktank in San José.

taylor y sutter.
This is at Taylor and Sutter, it was April 20th and there were many people dressed up walking around downtown. We were just headed down to have a burger at Pearl's and I really liked the afternoon light.

308 en el 510.
This is near Jack London Square, where the idea was to get some morning coffee before a weekend Oakland A's game but a bloody mary made an intervention, we obliged to such detour.

omar y qeli. muffin y yo, behind. de last night.
Mi friend Omar visited that week and mi girlfriends and I joined him for an improvised night of beers y burritos. We walked with Qeli to the Bart station and then parted ways.

brian barneclo 220+ft mural on shotwell
This is a Brian Barneclo re-painted mural, it is almost half a block long! The colors are cream y orange.

stockton street. remember you like it was yesterday.
This is on Stockton street, right by Bush street. mi mom and I walked to the Metreon to meet la calitexican for the screening of the Cesar Chavez movie.

oh hai
April 6: Ft. point/Crissy field. Coffee then 2mile walk with mi buddy Matt. Then met up with mi sketching group under the bridge. Then I got hungry. Gorgeous day!

red flowers.
This isn't a sidewalk per se, but it is at the public courtyard and viewing point from the SF Art Institute on Chestnut street.

los quiet morning club.
Los quiet morning club, outside a busy Peet's coffee, finding the quiet moment seekers.

/All images taken with mi phone (Nexus 5) with the exception of the Golden Gate bridge one, that was w/the Lumix LX5.


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  2. Lovely photos, Meli. Especially love that second one where you say you liked the afternoon light - it looks like it was quite special, indeed!

    Ever since November, I've been pretty much just walking myself (since my bike broke, a deathly blow), and I've also really enjoyed the slower pace (and the not getting constantly threatened by people driving), and the opportunity to just stop more and take more photos and just look around more. I hope to have a functional bike again, but I think I will still walk more often than I used to.

    1. thanks Dave, I couldn't be a bigger fan of all your snaps and sunset/dream lights you find and we in diff cities get to enjoy them. xxom

  3. Meli! i've missed your blog and photography... hope things are well.

    1. thanks 'xander! great to hear from you :)
      most on the go fotos i post on flickr+twitter

  4. Meli, I love your photography. You have a good eye for it as they say. Also your use B&W calls out to me. Thanks.

    1. thank you very much old dude, always a pleasure to hear form you :)


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