Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hump Day Inspiration: Your City Diaries

David Byrne + Panel // San Francisco, Herbst theater Oct 28th
Deep & I made it to the lecture!! More pictures, info, posts and the book review coming later this week. Stay tuned ;)


  1. I am jealous! David Byrne and the Talking Heads changed the way I listened to music in very radical ways. Every time I have had tickets to see him there has been a disaster- 1989, earthquake (show canceled), mid 90's Filmore burns (show canceled). I figured the City couldn't handle me trying to see him again : )

  2. WOW! su-pe-r!!

    Shhhh don't tell my boyfriend but I have already got a copy of the book as part of his xmas presents ;) and then I get to read it too :) lol!


  3. Sorry we didn't get to chat at lecture, Meli. Quite a range of presentations. I was hoping for a few bicycling stories from David Byrne..but hearing for the first time how Leah Shahum became a bike advocate was a treat. Thanks for making the Special Appearance at out BIKE THE BLOCK party Sunday...always nice to have your special glow nearby.

  4. Ade/ damn. yes earthquake means mi brother's birth. He was born within hours...
    I was probably on a tricycle when I was hit with a 45 from the THeads. Re-fell in love with him since the brian Eno deals. and bikes, even more. <3

    lorenza/ that is awesome! you two will enjoy it tremendously

    Mike/ thx, Michael - you are very sweet. It was an amazing little event, that Im sure will be the catapult for more great events as such of bringing everyone together!

    It was awesome they showed your pic doing the 311 deeds. Deep and I were cheering. WOOT!!! :D
    &yes wasn't Leah's story nuts!?
    ♥cheers -m

  5. Byrne changes as much as Bowie. Not crazy about his current hair dye, man-tan, and outfit, but David is David. Kinda hard to believe how he's changed from his days co-staring with John Goodman in True Stories.


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