Friday, September 26, 2008

Sans Helmet

I strongly believe in personal choice when it comes to helmets. Weather you decide to wear one or not, it is your decision. There are multiple discussions between the topic, riding, style, city structure, traffic, etc. But that is not this post's purpose.
However, I just found interesting the consecutive manner of the pictures I recently shot, with a common (missing) denominator: a helmet. Let's be safe out there my pretties!

Baby got back

Hand protection

I want to think he is checking both sides before crossing, though I think it was a headphone readjustment. Cute bike though!
**on a personal note: Van Ness is a freeway-like avenue, Polk street located just one block east, has slower traffic & a bike lane. -xo

Headphone rider --however-- I love the way she is just flying past those pesty gas prices. Nice!


  1. I agree that helmets on adults are a matter of personal liberty, and firmly support an adult's right to choose. However, I always cringe when I see a child on a bike without one, as above.

    Why is that? I don't know.

  2. yes! I agree, I'm not sure why. I mean shouldn't it be almost automatic to put it on them? (like a kid's seat in a car, wouldn't be left unbuckled?) Argh.


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