Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obey Sheldon

Igor, his Eagle ‹3
RIP my Sheldon- ‹meet Igor›


  1. nice ode to sheldon.

    btw, great blog! love your photos. i noticed your interests, so you like "riding in mini skirts and flirting with boys in every area of the way" ? hmmmm... perhaps i saw you when i was out there in april. SF is a great place to ride, and with many fine fine ladies on bikes. i was lucky i didn't crash each time looking over my shoulder for a second glance. ;)

  2. aw thanx! <3
    and yes indeed. loads of pretties out there, boys y girls. well, glad you didnt crash (wink)

  3. Very nice, Meli. Your blog is as advertised!

    Have you ever checked out the Snob's Sheldon obit? The man could touch even the most cynical!


  4. thanx so much;
    Im glad you stopped by!!
    Yes, one of my favorite ones is the snob, he is my daily dose of bike pills.

    xo/ m

  5. Nice find. Where was it?

  6. hi dustin/love your ines pictures.
    this outside pedal revolution


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