Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bicicleta and the bakery

Arizmendi's Bakery has delicious everything. Vegetarian pizza slices, baked goods and pretty good coffee. They use Equator Estate® coffee beans. What is not to love about this co-op. There is two locations by the same name (the third is Cheeseboard in Berkeley). One is on 9th Ave (Inner Sunset) and the other one in the East Bay-Emeryville.
Rafa has recently shared with me his new found love with his bicycle. It is always a pleasure to hear bike experiences specially when the bike pretty much finds you. Well he says his bike is a bit small for him, he is pretty tall, so a longer stem did the trick. Muchos stickers, my favorite is the Oaklandish one. I love the staff in the Emeryville, specially my 3 favorite boys Rafa, Lorenzo y Pablo. & the red clogs chica. Ride on mi Rafa!

Rafa and his ride.

Here is the Arizmendi's in the city accessible to all pedal, foot and muni traffic. They also participate in the SF Bike Coalition's goods/services discount program with your membership (asides the bike shops). Nice!

Strangers with coffee.

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  1. I love it you are covering all the best coffee shops!

    Especially the part about the discount service offered to bicyclists. Yeah!


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