Friday, September 19, 2008

Fall starts next week: Heels, tights and bikes oh my.

After our gorgeous 2 weeks of summer, we welcome the fall this next Monday. With the full injection of fall vitamins and ready to roll the streets of San Francisco (or whatever city you happen to be at) get your feet and legs ready. I'm bouncing off ideas form this week's 'On the Street:Groundswell' by my favorite photographer Bill Cunningham and the style from Eric Daman (Gossip Girls).

I ride a bike lots to go places -friends, drinks, coffee and (oh yea) work- in between any given weekday. I have the feeling that this fall will be the season to get a modern Victorian vibe going on, or maybe a tuxedo quasi masculine that works early for work and late for social hour. Here in San Francisco, it doesn't get that cold and we are masters of layers, so I think we will be okay with a light jacket or cape like the one below, a belt that accentuates your waist, a pair of cute gloves (that also protect from UV rays), lace tights and a colorful pair of booties or high heels. Color, color, color.
Time to show those legs everyone; like Bill said something like "The heels are high and the hem line of those heels are even higher, even 12 inches above the knee, and they are sure having fun with it- " Of course, my ultimate accessory is my BFF: my bike. So get your friend, BF or pal and stroll around to welcome the fall. See you in the bike lane or the coffee shop, and don't forget to have fun my lovelies!
(L-R) Stylehive Cape Tags‹Prada› lace invasion, knitted gloves ‹etsy/bay area›,
Girl on cute bike ‹Bill Cunningham for the NYTimes/Onthe street›, Red heels & model with gray dress ‹R.C Styleguide›

___This requested writing: for stylish dose . Also as a Friday fun post, after fashion week, and looking forward to dress-up everyday; even if it is only to go get a cappuccino. love, m


  1. Love your fashion clips! If we were roommates we could share everything...


  2. thanks <3
    &yes it'd be so fun!!


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