Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bikes and the Twin Cities

Outside the blogesphere, aka a coffee shop, I was reading an old issue of bike mag, and became aware that later in October there is a -drunks & MTBs- party out in Minneapolis. Pretty rad. I couldn't find a website, but the fine blog of Swobo has some pretty cool pictures from last year ‹here›. Not sure if anyone is out there in twinland, but I'd love to check it out.

from Flickr/ hereNT

That reminds me, UNITE BIKE is a photography project taking place on October 4th, also the MSP area as well. From their site: "Minnesota has one of the largest year-round bicycle commuter communities in the country – impressive considering our harsh winters. In order to celebrate and promote biking as a healthy, economic, and traffic reducing lifestyle – we’ve decided to organize a group photo taking place on October 4, 2008 at 3:00pm, rain, shine, or snow, for everyone and anyone who pedals their way around in this crazy world."
Place is TBA, but to sign up visit their page.
Can't wait to see the results. Anytime a number of bike lovers get together is an amazing mix of styles, bikes, personalities and goals sharing the same passion. Ride on!

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  1. year round commuting, great league ratings, but so few that write about it

  2. in that phofo from HFF (hommie fall fest) in MN, you see that guy in the crowd, to the left with the blue headband? that's cvo, he headed our lincoln posse the last two years up at the HFF. yes, it's a crazy mtb ss rally/derby/drunkfest gone wild. cvo is in mexico now, and now i'm not sure who will gather the posse from nebraska to attend the HFF next month, but i'm sure one of us will step up.


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