Tuesday, July 8, 2008

bienvenidos y bienvenutti

Hola. After being inspired by following and reading a number of my favorite bloggettes & cyber-buddies for years; friends outside the web here, think is strange Im web-shy, just like in real life... (Ha! sike) So here is my new little hobbie el blog. This was rather easier than I thought and after tweaking with this silly thing I welcome to my silly pedaling caffeinated mind. Stay in touch. Besos
- - -

Photo del Dia
GIRL: oh hey Aflac dude
BIRD: ah, no excuse me Im the Fairfax festival sweetest thing here
GIRL: oh okay Aflac thing just pose there for my picture yea
BIRD: Im gonna jump on that bike of yours and do a chicken dance
GIRL: birds dont use bikes
BIRD: you are choking my paper neck
GIRL: ok good, thanks Aflac thing
BIRD: oh man, if I wasnt 10 ft. tall, Id so jump on that bike over there and start singin like Donovan. mmmm is that kettle corn I smell, goobbbble gobbbble.

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  1. . . . M E L I G R O S A . . .
    la cosa perfecta para mandar el tiempo a la goma durante el trabajo...

    . . . Y A Y . . .


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