Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Handmade delicious

While most of the bike frames are made/built/painted massively overseas, some little cute exquisite bikes are still handmade. The NAHBS -North American Hand Made Bicycle Show (in 2008 was in Portland, OR. Feb 8-10

Here is the small excerpt from CyclingNews: Talented hands converge on the Pacific Northwest
"In addition to its eye candy appeal, NAHBS has also seemed to serve as a fairly reliable of indicator for the general bicycle market. Track bikes were shown heavily in 2006 and many larger manufacturers began offering their own fixed-gear models shortly thereafter. Similarly, last year's show offered up a heavy dose of commuter-type machines and several bigger industry players that weren't already involved in the segment jumped in afterwards. Whether it's a cause-and-effect relationship or simply a symptom of the handbuilt industry's ability to respond more quickly to market trends is anyone's guess but an interesting trait nonetheless.
They also got a nice album with cute ones CyclingNews.com NAHBS 2008 Album

And big eye candy (like this sweet ride) from the Core77.com site.
Pegoretti Bike and Brooks saddle unite. I'm surprised Mr.Landis isn't all over this one

Que Bonita bike! look at those gorgeous fenders.
Click here for the rest of Core77's NAHBS album

If you plan to be in Indiana in a few months, let me know what is new at the 5th Annual NAHBS in Indianapolis, IN Feb 27-March 1, 2009
This is a city related post, in a way. The explotion within the last few years with Brooks Saddles has been tremendous. Did you know Brooks England also has a Women Specific Saddle line? It's quite comfy. Not all riders are created equal, but Proofide helps.

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