Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cal pedals: Berkeley visit

The sawtooth bldg. has multiple artist/studios events and even a nice yoga studio.

Charlotte over at chic cyclist asked 'what's in your bag?' and suddenly I started noticing loads of backpacks.
I'm not sure if schools are back in session, but well a backpack doesn't mean school necessarily...

Bike corners, oh hey!!

Then I stopped to smell the not so smelly flowers, and on my way back on the street,
the coolest trio flew by. A triple tandem. Yes, super nice.


  1. Across the bay and look at the nice photos you've captured. I’ve just added you to my sidebar on RidingPretty.
    It took me awhile to discover you were doing a blog too. I just thought you were a frequent visitor to RidingPretty and never checked you out until recently. Silly me.

    Well I'd say that with your blog, my blog and Velocouture that the bay area is definitely covered. Welcome!
    Now, to keep from stepping over each other’s posts and coverage of events and what not. I see the day coming when all three of us cover something in triplicate ;)

    Back in the day when I first started my blog, it was THE blog I lovingly call ‘Grandpa’, LondonCycleChic and myself. Very shortly and I literally mean within just a short month, along came 2 of the very best ChicCyclist and Velocuture. Since then it’s been just been growing and growing!
    This is so wonderful!
    Happy blogging. You have discovered and covered great little items and gems for your blog.

  2. Bonitas fotografĂ­as, me gusta mucho tu blog, muy original...y si encima salen fotos de San Francisco...todavĂ­a mejor :-D

  3. @RidingPretty. thanks for your nice comments & warm welcome :)

    @josh Y lola: muchas gracias, siempre ando de vuelta en SF, me da mucho gusto saber que te gustan las fotos!


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