Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Evan Hecox y bikes in cities.

San Francisco based artist Evan Hecox has a lovely set of silk-screen prints for sale over at Arktip. I love the memories that street food, bochos (the local slang for vw taxis) and tremendous billboards bring to me in his set of ‹D.F. prints› A very peculiar perspective in color. The California Donuts in the ‹LA Blacksun print› has a very poetic feeling, represents a vast majority of the 24 hour Los Angeles-thing :)
Here are some of my bike favorites:
I first learned about him through Juxtapoz's December issue as I am a big niño burro/Charles Glaubitz fan. ‹Glaubitz is based out of Tijuana, México & graduated from San Francisco's California College of the Arts and Crafts.›

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