Friday, August 8, 2008

Kaiser and the cute bike

Watching the fashion in the opening Olympics Ceremony (thank you Project Runway) along comes this gorgeous blue ride.
Even BART gets a shot. I'm pretty sure it is BART I spotted, unless there are other metro transit trains sporting the same very ugly blue wool dirty seats... :)
Anyways, good commercial. Kudos to Kaiser's media agent for the best feeling in front of the tube :) Wedges shoes, cute boys, the city(cities) featured, hauling your bike a flight of stairs, farmer markets oh my.

Kaiser Permanente launches Thrive video - Beijing Olympics - Watch more free videos

Kaiser Permanente kicks off its popular Thrive campaign with television, radio, print and outdoor advertisements that reflect the health care organization's commitment to the total health of its members and the communities it serves. The first ad, "Community Bike" will debut during the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics on Friday, August 8.

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  1. What a fabulous ad!!!
    So happy and fun and everyone is out. I'm impressed.

  2. My favourite part is the dog in the basket, I'm not crazy, other people do it too!

  3. @charlotte: yes it is very very out and about. I like it!

    @miss sarah: are the dog the uber cute co-pedaler(?) I think they are :)

  4. So what bike is that? Or what bike is close to that?

  5. I'm not absolutely sure what model/make this bike is, but it comes pretty close to the ‹simple city›
    group that the brand Gary Fisher offers.
    Also the ‹Amsterdam series›
    by the bike brand of Electra has a nice group and they are nicely priced.
    Kogswell is a Minnesotta company, also offers nice bikes.
    The Atlantis by Rivendell.
    Make sure to also check out the beatiful line by Pashley.

    Happy bike-looking ;)

  6. That was BART! I saw them film part of this commercial in San Rafael. It was the part when the guy on the bike meets the girl in front of her house.


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