Sunday, October 12, 2008

Capital de Silicon Valley

A few weeks ago I was in down in San Jose checking out their annual Mariachi festival. Asides seeing two beautiful performers in the 'indie' section (Pistolera & Lila Downs) it was also nice to see many different and improved areas around the historic downtown area.
Not to mention bikes everywhere. And a new (a San Francisco local) Caffe Trieste location on 315 South 1st street.

Bikes on cement, bikes on canvas

This painting is of a known San Jose rider with Japan in the background. From Joaquin with forrealism.

and flowers and beautiful women everywhere.


  1. you got to see lila? I'M SO JEALOUS! been a fan of hers for a few years now. que voz tiene!

    i know very little about pistolera, but i like what i've heard. sounds like chicana/o folky rock. i need to get some of their music and play it on my show.

  2. yes! gorgeous, she gave me goosebumps with that voice ;)

    Pistolera gets everyone moving. Here is a cute picture of the lead singer from a while back. cute!


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