Thursday, October 2, 2008

Science of Bike Transportation

The California Academy of Sciences opening day was free. Free means loads of people. I heard the car-traffic was pretty bad and therefore the shuttle service was stuck. They did however, promote the vast space for bicycle parking. Luckily, us cyclists had valet bicycle parking awaiting, a service by the SF Bike Coalition that is beyond VIP. Too bad the bike attendance was not as intense as other events/concerts in Golden Gate park, but The Academy of Sciences could only hand out so many free passes. It was a gorgeous day though.
Don't worry. Opening day was not the only free day. The CAS is not only super green, sustainable and cool, but it also shows us love by having 'Academy Free Days' including selected days by your zipcode. Check their complete list here: San Francisco Neighborhood Free Days
bike parking designated area
volunteering is sexy! / volunteers arriving for the next shift

so cute!

Arguello Love
That morning on the way to Golden Gate Park, I couldn't resist to ride on a smooth-as-butter road as the newly improved Arguello Street. It connects a number of areas within San Francisco and it is a popular bike route.

Smoooth. Saturday- 8am

He must be on his way to get coffee

Saturday Noon -We were all checking out the lycra cowboys. Nice legs!
Velo Rouge Cafe
Arguello st. also has another hard-to resist temptation: Velo Rouge Cafe. A bicycle themed- coffee shop that is known for hosting nice bike-nuts events, such as watching the Tour de France. Live. Oui oui, that's at, like 5am... Coffee-wise, Velo Rouge used to carry Italian -family operated- based company illy coffee beans, which I am a huge fan of, but recently made the switch to local Blue Bottle Coffee, which I'm also a fan. Very cute.

flying red bike / bike rack, pump, and doggie water

- and priority #1

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