Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This just in: Update from Unite Bike 2008

So awesome to see the results. Click on image for photographer Clark Patrick's site of the final shots. It is always radical to see people coming together sharing their passion for bicycles. So great!!
Also, see Minneapolis based blogger Sigrid taking part in the photo shoot.

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  1. Hey - you knew before I did. I can't quite see myself back there, I'll have to get out the opera specs... How fun! Thanks for the tip and the link - it was a fun afternoon.

  2. Ah yea no problem! Clark shoots me emails here and there. I'm so happy you had fun, and it was very cool to see your post from a participating view. Looks like a great group and oh so sunny! ;)


  3. I would ask to be on the front row because I am small! One of the few benefits of being one of the "little people"!


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