Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Red, white and bikes.

The line was not bad at 7am when I voted. It is my 3rd Pres. election and I always thought that people that dress patriotic-ish to go vote are kinda dorky but, well saw a few cute seniors. I wore some red to match the trilingual sticker. But voting and being part of a day in US history was just a fascinating feeling. 我已投票!!


  1. I believe you are wearing my shoes!
    I like that you dressed for the occasion - more people should. Happy post election!

  2. I really like that first picture!

  3. sigrid/ yay! for us bike shoe lovers that we are ;)

    drivemybike/ thanks!!

  4. the gold belt is a nice touch. :)

  5. Did you know what the stickers would look like???

    LOVE the red tights. Well done.

  6. thanks♥-
    yeah! they're like that every year here in SF, even for local city/state voting days. I dont't think the rest of the bay area (or state) uses them.


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