Saturday, December 6, 2008

Car crisis

A creep in a creepo van yelled highly offensive gender-bike profanities to me. Drivers during the end of year/holiday season are half drunk-upset-drugged-rushed. Road rage, domestic violence etc, seems to happen plenty this time of year. Argh
Very upsetting, especially because I had just seen this, a few minutes before the van incident:

A targa four s and an explorer. Thankfully, I didn't see any pedestrian/bikes/ambulances at the time -?-
Hope no one got badly hurt.

Be aware+safe out there. xo


  1. Sorry you got yelled at. I hate it when they do that too. Please try not to let it get you down and be safe out there. Been reading your blog for a while and you're very inspiring.

  2. Oh that's terrible. Why do people behave like idiots? Well, don't quit riding. I love hearing about your exploring/coffee/bike adventures!

  3. ♥Thanks for your support
    Throughout the years, the positive have far beyond outnumbered the negative. One incident, with a lame angry loser as such, doesn't get under my skin whatsoever. I think I was still shaken up a bit b/c of the car crash. Anyhow-

    fuse/ I'm flattered :) & glad you enjoy this. Thanks for your nice comments

    MaryJo/ Lots of crazies out there! & def. not, don't you worry♥ the caffeinated bike adventures are here to stay LOL


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