Saturday, December 6, 2008

WSJ: From Beijin to Los Angeles

This morning's WSJ paper included their December issue of the WSJ Magazine & I saw this cute bike. Online link: WSJ The Magazine From the Wall Street Journal: The Very Good Gift Guide.
The paragraph online is slightly different than what I'm reading on paper, so this is from the magazine: Two Wheels Good- If a Prius is beyond your pay scale (or against your principles), then take Beijin's favored (and often fastest) mode of transport. Made in China's original Flying Pigeon company, assembled in Los Angeles ($299.88)
[WSJ the magazine. December Issue]

Definitely a bike shop that I'd like to check out next time I'm in LA, and they do coffee rides. Excellent.
Check out their website here:


  1. Hi Mellie, I'm curious where the shop is. Also the WSJ says it's $17,000+ but it's so cute--would love to know the real story on it.

  2. Thank you for the shout out Chica!

    We loved the exposure from the Wall Street Journal and are always happy to have people come on out for our weekly rides. Normally, we ride for Dim Sum (keeping with the Chinese theme) but recently we've donated a bike to a local shop as an art piece and they are hosting us for tasty coffee and Guatemalan food tomorrow.

    Keep riding and have a great end of year,
    Flying Pigeon LA

  3. MaryJo/ yeah! I was a bit confused too, so I decided to type the printed info ;) It'd be great if it's close to you, I've included their site @bottom of the post.

    Adam/ Awesome! Thanks so much for stopping by. Seems like you guys got good stuff rolling, watch out now! the country is in the know. ♥Cheers -

  4. I bought a Flying Pigeon from the Los Angeles shop and not only is it a wonderful bike but Adam and Josef are the nicest guys ever. They also serve the best tea.


  5. rmb/ That's super, I just finished reading your post about it. It always makes a difference when there is good experiences (and a good relation) between a bike shop and the rider.


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