Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Friday! Drink Espresso, you must.

Short and sweet visit to catch up with my homeboy yoda, in a galaxy far far away (or maybe closer, in the Presidio)

May the caffeine be with you.

T from Delfina's


  1. cool pictures, you took. :)

  2. Love the butterfly in your hair - is he staying with you for the winter?

  3. Thanks for posting the link to the Presidio, I had no idea about it and found the whole concept really interesting.
    Your pictures would normally make me sad seeing the gorgeous weather like that... but I'll be in SoCal in another 10 days to experience it myself... ahhh some sunshine and above freezing temperatures!

  4. You captured a beautiful mood.

  5. saw your comment
    moseyed on over
    breath taken away by beauty in all forms
    it looks amazing over there! a bicycle paradise!

  6. Ha! Great photos--love the butterflies and also the photos in the spokes in the wheels (above post). Your photos are some of my favorites.

    xo Mary Jo

  7. Peter/ thanks!

    Lynn/ ha ;) yes of course, they're ready for spring

    Samuel/ you're welcome. it is quite an very interesting layout within an area in the Presidio, I think they did a good job preserving the look of it (with a hidden parking lot underneath, who wouldve guessed?)
    and happy for you for some sun soon!!

    zach/ ;) thanks for stopping by

    micro1985/ ok cool! welcome :)

    Anya/ thank you my pretty &ride on

    maryJo/ thanks so much for your sweet comments.

  8. Love your pics especially the butterfly shots.
    (Those are real, right?)

    Cool shirt too by the way - where'd you get it?

  9. thanks man! yes they're real, as real as paper craft gets♥
    Thanks -the shirt is from local Pizzeria Delfina by a local artist.


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