Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Los Events: San Francisco Tweed Run

Thursday, February 12 6:30PM
Herringbone, Bow Ties & Bicycles
Further details, click on image.

This will be a great evening of eye candy, bikes
fashionistas and coffee. Lovely!
If you missed the images for the London event,
here is a set of photos via Cyclelicious.

Mark your calendars -
Thanks Colin!! for the heads up!


  1. What a wonderful birthday party for Lincoln and Darwin! You know they'll both be 200 years old 2/12... I think they would have liked our bikes.

  2. Oh how fun! Of course I have the perfect outfit if only we had one here in Austin!

  3. Charlotte/ yes! what a great coincidence ;)

    mtblawgirl/ perhaps soon?! that'd be super

  4. we had one last week

  5. wow, it's the craze sweeping the globe! I hope you'll attend, meli-- you're my eyes and ears. xo patrick

  6. 31t®um/ yea! so great, everyone looks so wonderful

    patrick barber/ yes I plan to! thanks much for the kind words ;)

  7. ...this is SO insanely classy.
    I am so glad that you're going, haha. Lots of pictures, yeah? Yeah.

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